4 of every 10 women in US, 17% of kids now obese – disturbing news for cancer prevention

Four of every ten women living in the US are now obese, a new high in the obesity epidemic, with rates continuing to be disturbingly high among children, finds two new studies published in JAMA.

The findings by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control are significant for cancer risk and obesity prevention efforts.

Aside from not smoking, obesity is the single largest lifestyle factor linked with increased cancer risk. Too much body fat now links to higher risk of 11 cancers, including post-menopausal breast, colorectal, and ovarian.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.59.06 PMThe study that focused on adults found that in 2014, almost 38 percent of people living in the US were obese overall. That rate is slightly lower for men, with 35 percent obese, and higher for women, at 40.4 percent of women categorized as obese.

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Making fully-loaded nachos, sinful and (nutritionally) sensible

Nachos are great comfort food. Think about it. Along with melted cheese and a bliss-inducing combination of carbs, the fiesta of Tex-Mex flavors and joyful blend of juicy salsa, creamy avocado, and tangy sour cream these Nachos Grandes deliver makes eating even my nutritionally sensible version feel like sinful, joyful indulgence.

Nacho Stacks-03_smallWhat makes these fully loaded super nachos seem sinful, as well, even though they are nutritionally reasonable? Let’s build them together while I share my secrets.

First, don’t bother looking for baked tortilla chips. Supermarkets and natural foods stores no longer carry them. Instead, I get the generously big chips called “restaurant-style,” selecting the ones made with yellow corn and reduced sodium. Continue reading

Study: Prepackaged Meals May Spur More Weight Loss

With many Americans trying to get to or stay a healthy weight, it’s important to find evidence-based strategies that help people lose weight not only in the short term, but that are also realistic to follow long-term to keep the weight off. That’s important for cancer prevention, because with AICR’s latest report on stomach cancer, we now know that obesity is linked to increased risk for 11 cancers, including colorectal, endometrial and kidney.

A new study published in Obesity last week, found that in a 12-week weight loss program, people randomized to receive portion-controlled and prepackaged foods lost more weight compared to those who selected their own diet. Of the 183 participants, all overweight or obese, 139 received portion controlled, prepackaged lunch and dinner Lean Cuisine frozen entrees, and 45 selected their own foods based on the diet prescription given to both groups.

Both groups successfully lost weight, but the group receiving preportioned foods lost more than 8% (18 lbs on average ) of their weight compared to 6% (13 lbs on average) weight loss in the control group. The prepackaged meals group also had lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides than the control group.

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